The Pendroy Invitational Track Meet has been conducted sporadically since 1964 as a track meet for the smaller rural schools of the area. Many now-defunct rural schools participated in the early days, including the Lincoln and Fish Lake Schools.

In the past, team trophies were awarded. The scorekeeper's headquarters was in a 1966 Mercury parked on the field. The tension was palpable at the end of a meet, as anxious athletes mobbed the car, waiting impatiently for the announcement of the winning school. In recent years, with not every school able to field athletes in all grades, the team competition has been abandoned.

The modern era of the P.I.T. began in the late 1980's. The meet was conducted as a "warm-up" for the Greenfield track meet. Being held in late April or early May, the meet often proves to be anything but warm! "Survivorship Certificates" have been handed out, and the schedule may include a Penguin Relay or Icicle Toss.

For many years, the business community of these small towns has generously donated money towards buying ribbons, usually without too much arm-twisting being required. Their support has been much appreciated.

Participating schools always include Pendroy (of course), Bynum, Dupuyer, and the Conrad Christian school. In 1998, the 7th Day Adventist school from Choteau participated; unfortunately that school is no longer in operation. In 2003, Golden Ridge attended the meet for the first time; also, the Pendroy school has not been in attendance since the 2000 meet. In 2009, students from the nearby Rockport Hutterite Colony attended for the first time. Babb has attended beginning in 2012.

Events include running races, sack races, 3-legged races, standing and running long-jump, baseball throw, a relay, and rope climbing. A unique event is the jump-rope race; at one time, a slipper kick was held for the younger grades, but this has not been done since 1996 (I think the slipper blew away....). Each meet concludes with the beloved Pre-School Scramble, watched with equal interest by doting parents and by talent-scouting track coaches.

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