July 26, 2004
We start this week with a public service, informing you of the true nature of Dihydrogen Monoxide. We feel compelled to point out that this odorless, colorless compound causes the deaths annually of thousands of people (mostly from the accidental inhalation of small quantities); it is also a well-known medical fact that, in its solid state, DHMO can cause severe tissue damage.

Yet, believe it or not, despite the fact that Federal and State regulations severely restrict the addition of DHMO to milk after it leaves the cow, there is absolutlely no regulation to limit the amount of DHMO ingested by lactating dairy cows before being milked! DHMO is widely used in modern dairy operations, but there is a supply of DHMO-free milk available for purchase in most grocery stores.

You owe it to your family to visit dhmo.org for yourself to ascertain the true facts concerning this ubiquitous substance!

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