Specials of the Month
April 1st, 2008

Try Our Monthly Special Coffees!

Polynesian Fish Sauce

This is quite reminiscent of our famed Nuoc Mam Knock-Out coffee, one of our all-time best-sellers. But surprise! There's just a hint of Mahi Mahi in this one. Give it a try! Very good with a Danish pastry.

Tibetan Wilderness

One of our newest blends in the Firesign line. It is a catchy little number, isn't it? Perfect for an evening spent under the dwarf maples.

Dog-Grown Coffees

Everyone is familiar with our shade-grown coffees, where we save the planet and make money doing it. Well, if you've ever visited some of these third-world countries, you'll know that there are thousands of ill-fed dogs roaming idly about. We decided to put them to work - growing coffee! The dogs have been taught to water the plants. The growers can basically leave them unattended during the growing season, knowing they will return to a bountiful crop. The coffee brews up with a slightly more amber colour than most, and finishes with a slight tang featuring a nearly ammonia-like mouthfeel. A nice cup indeed!


Well, we decided to fill out this month's specials with a true American Classic. How long has it been since you gourmands have tried a cup of this wonderful bean? Get back to your roots with some true comfort coffee! Hey, do you realize how cheaply we were able to pick this stuff up at wholesale? And it really is mountain-grown! "Ja, that's the richest kind!" And so are we now. God love you, Mrs. Olson!

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