World War III?

Let's Think about it first....

There is no doubt that the recent attacks upon the U.S. constitute acts of war. A knee-jerk militaristic response would certainly be understandable. Wouldn't it make a little bit of sense, though, to go into this thing with open eyes, knowing who our enemy are and something of their motivations; also being fully cognizant of the people likely to be caught in the crossfire?

If we attack without knowing these things, how are we any better than those who killed untold thousands in these attacks?

I found these two articles to be of interest. The first, an article from a socialist British newspaper, raises some interesting points about how the US might be perceived in Islamic nations; the second, an observation by an Afghani-American citizen, gives a rather sobering perspective on how things look from "ground zero".

Why Do They Hate Us?

Whom Will We Be Hurting?

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